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I would like to thank and recommended Trent Steele and especially LindaWelch with all the help and compassion with my Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure action against Wells Fargo-Wachovia bank.I don't think it would have been accomplished without their help and the fact that I had professional legal help saved me from the treachery and incompetence of the bank personnel.Until you have to deal them , you cannot imagine the B.S. they will put you through . My faith in the banking institutions and judicial system has been seriously damaged and I thank-god I had this firm on my side!!!!Richard Louis Brown
Date of Posting: 22 May 2012
Posted By: Richard brown
Thanks go to Mr. Steele and his caring staff for taking a huge weight off my shoulders.
In 2008, I was left a widow, suddenly facing what I believed to be an unfair foreclosure.
The bank involved gave no quarter, and incidentally, no proper explanation. This was a complicated and tough case.
Mr. Steele persevered and thanks to his efforts, I can now sleep at night.
I would highly reccommend him for even the thorniest issues.
Date of Posting: 17 June 2011
Posted By: Sandra Hirsch
Good morning Mr. Steele,

I am writing you this morning to thank you. Thank you for having such a tremendous employee as Patti DeGelorm on your staff.

Last summer, my wife and I realized that we would be unable to pay our mortgage due to me losing my job earlier in the year. From the minute we made this discovery, I attempted to get Bank of America to help with something... with ANYTHING. Long story short, they delayed and delayed until it was time for them to file for foreclosure and bring my case to trial.

Not long after receiving the foreclosure documents, we decided that we would be in need of legal counsel and began doing research on various local law firms. After many online recommendations, we made our initial phone call to your offices and began to work with Patti.

After our first visit, Patti was already hard at work. She found many issues with how Bank of America was doing business with us, and quickly sought to remedy them. What took me 6 months to attempt (and fail) at, only took Patti a few short weeks. Within a month or so of retaining your services, Bank of America had offered us a loan modification.

Though this seemed to be the end to our issues, small things have been popping up that have needed the services of an attorney. As quick as I could email and fax my documentation to Patti, she was on the case. She has literally saved me thousands of dollars in unfair fees, kept my family and I in our home, and made one of the largest banks in America back down and reassess their positions.

If not for Patti, I would have thrown in the towel long ago. The fight was being lost, and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. I rate my decision to work with your firm, and Patti in particular, as one of the best I have made in my adult life.

Thank you for having such a dynamic person on your staff. Patti truly is a miracle worker who made a completely unbearable situation a little bit more pleasant.


Sean Riley
Date of Posting: 22 July 2010
Posted By: Sean Riley
I was recommended to Mr. Steele's firm by a friend who used them for mortgage mediation and they have done a great job for me. Seeing how it all works I would never had been able to do it on my own. I've heard stories of people that have paid lots up front and gotten nothing in return. Not here. They've worked with me from the start. I've already recommended some of my best friends and they were happy with results. I will always send people their way whenever I can. He's one of the good guys!
Date of Posting: 18 June 2010
Posted By: John Silvia

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