Saturday 20 Jan 2018
When considering filing a personal bankruptcy, you want to be advised by someone who is familiar and experienced with all of the "ins and outs" of bankruptcy law. Especially when you own a home or car or have other assets that you are trying to protect, you do not want your advice from an attorney who knows a little bit about a lot of different areas of law, but not a lot about bankruptcy. When you call a bankruptcy attorney for information regarding bankruptcy, ask him exactly how many bankruptcies he has done. Educate yourself about your options, but be educated by someone who is qualified.

The Law Offices of W. Trent Steele will provide you with a range of fair fees right over the phone. Beware of any bankruptcy lawyer who refuses to give you a fee quote over the phone. The Law Offices of W. Trent Steele will quote you a fee right over the phone, before wasting any of your time.

Some bankruptcy lawyers charge excessive fees for a straight forward Chapter 7 bankruptcy. At the Law Offices of W. Trent Steele we provide high quality legal representation, often at a fraction of the cost. The fees we charge are commensurate with the work performed in your case, and since the Law Offices of W. Trent Steele have combined the highest levels of technology along with experienced bankruptcy attorneys, we are able to pass the cost savings on to you.

As for no money down firms, beware. Make them quote you the entire fee up front before you go into their office. Do not waste your time finding out that you will be paying them hundreds of dollars more than you would have by using The Law Offices of W. Trent Steele. They will try to convince you how important it is to have your case filed immediately. What they will not tell you, is that as soon as you retain The Law Offices of W. Trent Steele, for as little as $500 down, we will take all future calls from your creditors and the creditor harassment will stop. In most instances, taking a month or two to pay The Law Offices of W. Trent Steele the balance of your fee will not allow the creditors enough time to garnish your wages. When you speak to a lawyer here, we will tell you if you are in any danger of losing anything by waiting. Please remember that if you need your case filed immediately the Law Offices of W. Trent Steele may be able to work with you. By waiting a short time until you can pay some or all of our fees, you will usually save hundreds of dollars and cost yourself nothing.

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