Saturday 20 Jan 2018

TCPalm reports on Attorney Steele’s latest attempts to protect homeowners facing foreclosure, click here to view the article.

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The attorneys at The Law Offices of W. Trent Steele are committed to serving all of our client’s needs throughout the foreclosure process. We understand how stressful a mortgage foreclosure can be to those involved. We only represent homeowners in these matters and we zealously advocate on their behalves in our effort to achieve a favorable outcome.

Many homeowners are unaware of all of their legal rights during a foreclosure and the alternatives that may be available to them. There are several options that could help save a home or minimize the effect that a foreclosure has on the homeowner. We are often able to negotiate with the mortgage company to stop the foreclosure process and have the mortgage reinstated through the use of various workout options. If the homeowner wishes to part ways with the home, we may be able to negotiate with the mortgage company so that the homeowner can transfer title to the house through a deed in lieu of foreclosure or other means.

Time is not on the homeowner’s side once a foreclosure actions has been filed and many rights can be lost if he or she delays in seeking counsel. Once the home is sold there is often little that can be done to save the home other than filing a bankruptcy petition.

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