Saturday 20 Jan 2018

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In today's real estate marketplace, there is a growing occurrence of costly litigation over real estate transactions. We routinely represent property owners as well as real estate professionals, including developers, sales agents, appraisers, and title insurers in contract related lawsuits. We also routinely draft and analyze contracts pertaining to the sale and purchase of residential, commercial, and industrial property.

We recognize that real estate litigation often results from inadequate or improperly executed real estate sales contracts, often with hidden restrictive covenants and/or undisclosed encumbrances such as implied easements, or hazardous underground storage tanks. Therefore, we offer services designed to expose or safeguard against any potential risks.

We can assist with the title examination and issuance of title insurance, land acquisition matters, negotiation with governmental entitles and instrumentalities regarding annexation, zoning, and land use, representation in and before departments and commissions, councils, regulatory agencies, and courts.


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